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When he built the group of high town houses which form St James Court at the turn of the century, Major Charles Pawley was looking to offer “the establishment” frequenting the nearby corridors of power a discreet, comfortable place for its members to meet.

51 Buckingham Gate, owned by the Indian Taj group since 1981, occupies half of St James Court. It was completely refurbished in 2000, a joint project for designers Noel Pearce and Dan Nelson, taking on a contemporary style whilst preserving its natural discretion.

A mark of its exclusivity, the hotel has no rooms but comprises over 80 suites and apartments, ranging from around forty square metres to the Prime Minister’s Suite which measures over 300. In addition to its spa, gym and several restaurants, the service diligently orchestrated by butlers and concierges, attentive to the very last detail, set it apart from other hotels, as is borne out by the many awards it wins each year.

The clientele

The hotel is a popular with famous names from politics and showbiz who appreciate its discretion. The establishment and its services also attract many families, Indian in particular but also from the Middle East or the US, but it will appeal to anyone who loves peace and quiet, comfort and independence, especially for a lengthy stay in London.

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51 Buckingham Gate

51 Buckingham Gate

Metro station : St James's Park