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Lisbon Through a Telescope

A family residence converted into an alluring hotel, the As Janelas Verdes is like a tiny music box that opens up to disclose its secrets little by little.

At first sight, its location excites curiosity.  Although located along a busy street and near the famous National Museum of Art, the establishment is at the halfway point between the historical and touristy neighborhood of Belem and the heart of the city.

Attracted by that straddling act, King Dom Manuel built his palace there in the XVIth century, and was followed by a number of aristocrats.  After a period of neglect, the street with the "green windows" - janelas verdes - became famous again thanks to a group of writers.  The most famous among them, Eça de Queirós, even lived in the former residence of the Counts of Sabugosa that the hotel occupies today.

Inspired by that tradition, the interior decorator, Graça Viterbo and the family hotelier group, Héritage, were able to recreate the atmosphere of a private home.

Opened in 2002, the establishment touches softly on the plush with books, piano, carpet and fireplace, as well as the heavy curtains through which a sage, powdered light filters through.

The 29 hotel rooms are traditional and elegant.  Equipped with solid wooden furniture and embroidered linens, they create a very particular mood, as if outside of both the city and time.  Rooms toward the back are both calmer and benefit from better views.

The source of much charm is the back courtyard decorated with ivy, a library with rich wooden panels and a magnificent terrace overlooking the Tagus River.  The cranes on the docks cover up the perhaps more superficial side of the annexed building.  Warm service with a smile.


The clientele

The As Janelas Verdes attracts a clientele of all ages, but generally one with a rather traditional profile.  It is ideal for any who wish to discover Lisbon from a welcoming, charming hotel that isn't necessary central but that has the advantage of being in a pleasant environment, one that moves along with the mild city rhythm by day night and vibrates with the hip and trendy clubs on weekend nights.


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