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Standing on a corner, overlooking the eponymous street, the Hotel Balzac reopened its doors in 2007 after a year of renovation works.

Owned by JJW Hotels, a widespread hotel group in Europe, and presided by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Issa Al Jaber, the establishment was drawn by the French decorator Anne-Marie Sabatier.

As the former hotel particulier (private mansion) of the Opera de Paris' director, the Balzac was designed to offer an international clientele French luxury, classical but freshened up with contemporary peps.

The hotel's 13 suites and 57 rooms are both spacious and well-equipped. They combine Neo-Classical and romantic styles, with sheer curtains and crystal, period furniture and repainted wood panelling. They decline three major color schemes: gold and chocolate, ruby and prune, turquoise and vanilla.

The abundance of marble marquetries in the entranceway brings to mind a certain degree of imperial pomp. The lounge/dining hall makes the most of a glass ceiling, and both the Royal and Presidential Suites on the last floor offer vast views of Paris.

Without having either the size or pretention of a palace hotel, the hotel aims for a high level of services offered, with butlers, caretakers, valet parking and limousine service.

Last but not least, gourmets will be interested in knowing that Pierre Gagnaire took command of the restaurant adjacent to the hotel to create one of the best cuisines of Paris and beyond, like only he knows how to do.


The clientele

Even if it is flashy at times, attracting Russian and Chinese clients, the Balzac knows how to impress, as much by the fresh opulence of its decor as by its splendor. Those who appreciate luxury will be seduced by the hotel's style. Those who appreciate charm and discretion will more likely find a place to their liking in the nearby surroundings.


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Hôtel Balzac

6, rue Balzac

Metro station : Charles de Gaulle - Etoile