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Sometimes life is surprising.

Whatever possessed Giuseppe Montani, a graduate of economics from the University of Rome, and his wife, Charlotte Bontemps, a Frenchwoman who came to Rome to carry out research in Administrative Law, to open a luxury Bed & Breakfast formed from a large apartment, 180m², split into several rooms?

At first glance there appears to be no real reason, it is simply through the chance of inheritance that we are sometimes faced with situations that can become real possibilities.

So what to do with this corner apartment, overlooking the Piazza Flaminio and situated within a very beautiful Liberty building constructed in 1916? Rather than living in it, Charlotte and Giuseppe decided to convert it, which meant, as far as Giuseppe was concerned, leaving the large consultancy firm where he had been working happily for many years before he became a hotel manager.

If the project began in 2005, it has taken almost two years for the establishment to finally open its doors to the public, in November 2007.

Two years of preparation, inspecting other hotels, negotiating to get funding for the project, finding the best suppliers, in short, two years to give form to something that hadn't yet taken form.

The interior design here, are the fruits of labour of the brilliant architect Liliana Sciacca, who was also the creative mind behind the Casa Howard in Rome, is full of charm, confidence and diversity.

Charming because the colour scheme and the arrangement of furniture within the rooms is done in the very best taste: at once sensual but never opulent and always original, but never overdone.

Confidence, because all of the materials used are of the highest quality and being perfectly authentic they create a solid impression.

As for diversity, each of the five rooms has a different theme.

Our young hotel managers did not want to leave anything to chance: from the lighting to the bathroom fixtures, from the tiles to the parquet floors, all of the products are designer and come from the best suppliers. For example, the bathroom products are Hermès and the bed sheets are Frette. And naturally, they called upon only the very best craftsmen in Rome to carry out all of the work.

The result is an incredible meticulousness which generates a profound impression of luxury.

Proving the extent to which the owners wanted to take into account the needs of their guests: the acoustics were an important detail. The cohesion of the interior doors allows each room to become isolated and even eliminates the outside noise of the city.

To access Casa Montani you must enter through number 9 Place Flaminio (the door is left open during the day and accessible by interphone at night), and head towards staircase C where you are hoisted up to the third floor in a charmingly old-fashioned metal cage lift.

The front door of the apartment leads into a small living room which functions as the reception. Furnished with a beautiful wooden bookcase, a fireplace, some pretty armchairs and beautiful black and cream striped fabric, the overall effect of which is superb and makes for a very good beginning to the stay.

A corridor stretching out from the reception leads on to the five rooms.

The establishment offers three deluxe bedrooms (16m²), a Junior Suite (20m²) and a Suite (30m²), all decorated with fabrics by Sicilian painter Beppe Butera.

Overlooking Place Flaminio, the Suite is the nicest room in the apartment, offering views in two directions as this room is situated in the corner of the building.

The Junior Suite is perhaps best suited to a family of three, or for travellers with a lot of luggage. The living area, separated from the bedroom by a screen, is too narrow to be completely comfortable, but on the other hand there is an additional sofa bed (just as there is in the main Suite).

The three normal rooms are rather compact but decorated in different styles: one in a romantic style, with the headboard made from sculpted wood, one is "eco-chic" with the walls painted green, and the third is urban-classic, with everything decorated with large slate-grey stripes.

In the morning, breakfast is served in the room.

Despite the beautiful décor, perhaps even worthy of a palace, the hotel has two small faults: the size of the rooms, where it would be nice to see a size more in-keeping with the level of luxury, and the fact that there are no communal areas or a bar, although it is possible to have a coffee in the reception room.

Situated just two paces from the Piazza del Popolo, and the trendy and touristy bars and restaurants, Casa Montani is on the other side of Rome's ancient wall, next to the tramway and on a busy crossroads, in short, ideally situated for getting around Rome.



The clientele

With no communal areas or living rooms, and no surplus space or 24 hour room service, it will disappoint anyone looking to relax in a place with a large range of permanently available services.

On the other hand, it would be ideal for a young couple, solo travellers and families looking for an apartment.

Casa Montani is perfect for all those who enjoy an ambiance of intimate-chic and travelling independently whilst receiving a welcome from convivial hosts with a love and knowledge of the city.


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