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Five Georgian houses were converted into this hotel by Robert Fleming in 1851. In 2004 and 2005 it was almost entirely renovated again to introduce a more modern feel.

The 119 rooms have been decorated in different colours to provide individualisation and meet the different tastes of the hotel’s guests. The accent colour is either brown or light shades and the decor tends toward the baroque with flashes of art deco. Wallpaper is subdued or original designs, fabrics are heavy and the furniture is wood or leather-covered.

Situated in the heart of London, the hotel is a warren with several hidden nooks and crannies. Staff are efficient, helpful to guests and provide a 24 hour room service.

The clientele

Although business executives account for a substantial share of the hotel’s guests, the remaining visitors are varied and from all over the world. Flemings-Mayfair will suit those wanting hotel facilities rather than a particular style of decor. With its complete range of services on offer as well as fully-equipped rooms, the cherry on the cake is its central position.

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Room size 7 Rating : 7
Room amenities 8 Rating : 8
Breakfast 7 Rating : 7
Property amenities 7 Rating : 7
Global Rating 7 Global Rating : 7

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Flemings Mayfair

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