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For all eternity

Overlooking the ruins of the Roman court, Hotel Forum is an establishment which has been run with great care by the same family for many years.

Somewhere between a grand hotel and a charming mansion, like many of the other old hotels in Europe, it has a slightly outdated air about it, with panelling, velvet, old-fashioned salons and an austere warmth, a paradox which results of a long tradition of hospitality.

As you would imagine the hotel is frequented by travellers from all over the world who have come for "the view". But despite this, the history of this hotel allows it to preserve its own ambiance and identity.

 The entrance to the hotel is on the corner of a small road of uneven paving stones which opens onto the ruins of the Trajan market where cars occasionally zoom past.

On passing through the revolving door, you are immediately seduced by the classic tone of the lobby, with the reception counter in the corner and varnished panelling everywhere. Next door is a waiting room and a row of sitting rooms can be glimpsed from behind it.

Each floor has an elegant finish and a simplicity which is almost rustic, combining engravings with hexagonal floor tiles.

The corner rooms are the most coveted in the establishment. There are five on each floor, each one offering a large, open view over this peaceful area, as well as a view of the traffic in the Roman forum during the week.

The rooms are spacious, simple and well kept. Many of them are carpeted, with pleasantly painted walls, various engravings and antique pieces of furniture, which altogether create a very authentic classic ambiance.

Unfortunately the photos are slightly pale and don't really do the hotel justice.

If your room doesn't have a view of the ruins, you can enjoy them in the morning over breakfast served on the roof terrace. The evening aperitif also provides this spectacular view.


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