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With its white façade, awnings, and small plants, the outside of Général gives a nice taste of what is to come when one enters the bright and refined interior. The cozy rosewood panels in the main entranceway lead to a reception desk, which slightly to the right.

The bar is behind, with two lounges circling around the entrance hall. The area has a bright, open and simple feel, thanks to the skyroof above the bar and the large windows which face the road.

The decor is lively, pop and Zen, all at the same time, playing on three different tones : white, fuchsia, and brown. The white tiles, walls, lamps and sofas keep in the light, the fuschia motifs create a carefree feel, and the brown sofas and rosewood panels keep things cozy. 

The shapes of everything have the same contrasting effect; simple and clean, with vegetable or floral motifs which fit right in. The music is trendy, playing downtempo, jazz or soft latino tunes.

Downstairs, the hotel has a small fitness room and a sauna. In this fine urban decompression chamber, there are hot stones in order to diffuse essential oils perfumes and massage treatment options.

The rooms are all quite similar. They are simple and relaxing, partly because of the absence of color. The carpet and furniture are low key, the walls are crème colored, the bedspreads are in a bronze velour and the curtains are white, along with the sheets and pillows. The only color in the room is vegetable: a green apple placed on the pillow, or sometimes an orchid.

The shapes reflect the same idea- very refined, whether it's the metal desk, the glass shelves or the plastic chairs, they are simple and relaxing.

On an original note, the headboards of the beds are in crème and chocolate colored leather squares.

If at first glance the design seems to be missing something, once tried, it appears simply relaxing. After a renovation in the beginning of 2007, the bathrooms play on the same idea as the rooms, with their alternating black and white enameled squares, open Duravit basins and designer sinks. A plastic duck matching the room colors faithfully guards the bathtubs.

While the rooms don't have a minibar, during meals one can order traditional or Asian cuisine from the restaurants nearby through room service.

Room Types
The hotel offers four levels of rooms: "single," "double," "double deluxe," and "suite."

While the singles are compact, the "double deluxe" has a small sitting room area. The rooms have efficient double glass windows which overlook either a courtyard or the street.

Suite number 71 under the rooftop is worth a special note. It's a charming attic suite with 4 interconnecting windows and a wonderful view of the rooftops of Paris. With a seating area and fold-out couch, it can accommodate up to four people.

The other suite in the hotel is very different. It has two rooms, separated by the bathroom and, most importantly, a large bathtub opened onto the room.

The breakfast consists of a cold and hot buffet in the hotel bar, pastries on each table, a selection of coldcuts/cheese, dairy products and cereal, fruit salad, and eggs/bacon.

The hotel also gives a modern twist to the classic vitamin-packed fruit juice by offering a choice of energy pills, which were developed in cooperation with a pharmaceutical lab. Prepare yourself for a sun tan with tanning pills, or go for the omega 3 anti-aging pill. And if you can't find happiness in popping pills, then the hotel helps you evoke some sweet memories of childhood with a choice of marshmallows.

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Room size 7 Rating : 7
Room amenities 7 Rating : 7
Breakfast 7 Rating : 7
Property amenities 7 Rating : 7
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Général Hotel

5-7, rue Rampon

Metro station : République