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Completely transformed in 2008, the Hotel de la Sorbonne is a jewel of charm and design.

Just opposite the Sorbonne (it would be hard to find a better spot!), in a little street in the Latin Quarter surrounded by experimental cinemas, restaurants and cafes, this 38-room boutique hotel has through its recent renovations managed to make up for its natural drawback: the size of its rooms.

Thanks to impeccable planning and, above all, a magnificent bright and colourful motif, with no pretensions and many qualities, these lodgings have become one of the most interesting options in the district.

Part of a small family hotel chain, the Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche, the Hotel de la Sorbonne is managed using the same laid-back assiduousness as the other hotels in the group, thriving on dynamic marketing techniques with a personal touch.

The first evidence of this dynamism: the hotel has created a new room category, the superior room. Slightly more spacious than the others (+2m2), they are equipped with an iMac (apple computer) with internet access, allowing you to check your email, listen to music or view the available movies on demand.

A second proof, no doubt less palpable than the first but one that conveys the general feeling of the place: photographers are regularly invited to sleep at the hotels and to express their impressions through their photos, be they classic or quirky.

If the rooms are a little restricted size-wise, they are all individually decorated, with colour contrasts that are particularly energizing and warm, consolidated by gorgeous wallpaper. The rooms on the first floor are rather low-ceilinged, but those on the top floor are typical Parisian roof-top apartments, and totally romantic. The bathrooms are very nice, equipped for the most part with showers, and are beautifully tiled with wonderful ceramics.

The absence of a mini-bar in the rooms is made up for by the non-alcoholic bar on the ground floor. Free WIFI and air-con are available throughout the hotel.

The front entrance is through the archway of a building with two olive trees as sentinels. Reception is in a modern glass chamber with a view of the courtyard and the breakfast hall which also functions as the hotel lounge during rest of the day. Cosy and calm, this lounge is a good alternative to the student cafes and literary bars of the area if you want a little tranquillity during the day.

Simple, well-prepared, and best of all, making the most of the organic croissants from the Moisan bakery, breakfast fits in with the rest of the hotel's style: petite but punchy.



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Hôtel de la Sorbonne

6, rue Victor Cousin

Metro station : Luxembourg - Cluny la Sorbonne