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An idyllic view of the Coliseum

In Rome, history is always full of surprises and the area around the Coliseum is no exception. Of the barracks of valiant gladiators history has kept but a few traces, however of what was to become the Casino Guidi, history has preserved an extremely elegant hunting lodge. All credit must go to a family from Southern Italy, proprietors also of a hotel in Capri, which turned this into a small hotel, the embodiment of charm and chic, from the comfort of which you can admire the noble ruins of the Coliseum.

The hotel opened its doors in 2003 following a complete refurbishment, meticulously project-managed by Bruno Papaleo who started out in the luxury hotel industry in Paris, and is constantly being improved but never loses its classic, yet contemporary, villa feel.

The 22 rooms are fresh and elegant, decorated in marble and stuccos with just a touch of romance, but it is the hustle and bustle and the beautiful terrace overlooking the Coliseum which give the hotel its character. Outstanding, friendly service delivered with a smile.

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With all the charm and intimacy of a small luxury hotel, the Gladiatori is an ideal base from which to explore Rome. If you are short of time and want quick easy access to the main tourist sites or if you prefer the idea of the dramatic proportions of a large monument to the maze of little streets, then this is one of the best hotels in the city for you.

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Room size 8 Rating : 8
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Hotel Gladiatori

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Metro station : Colosseo