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On arrival
Leaving the banks of the Tiber behind you, you’ll spot the hotel entrance set discreetly between two shops, on the left hand side of a road lined with tall apartment blocks.

Its glazed doors open into a wide corridor that leads into the heart of the building. On the right are the lounge, with its little round tables, the bar and the breakfast room. To the left is the reception, a room with windows overlooking the wide patio. There are sofas and benches where you can read the newspapers. Further on, following the corridor, you reach the meeting rooms and the other wing of the hotel.

With marble on the floor, some carpets, walls in light green, and a quiet, eclectic choice of furniture, the hotel’s main rooms have an understated, good-natured decorative style that is enlivened by the presence of wood and a few green plants.

At the heart of this horseshoe-shaped building is a patio surrounded by pink and ochre walls, planted with well-grown palm trees, where you can sit at metal tables with parasols to enjoy the warmth of sunny days in a secluded setting.

The bedrooms
All decorated according to the same philosophy, the rooms favour very light shades of yellow, blue or brick, with carpets with small patterns, bedcovers with a slight sheen and curtains in the same fabric. The wooden furniture has all been designed to order, and has warm clean lines with rounded corners and a silky feel.

Table and wall lamps in frosted glass diffuse a warm light that shines on the pictures of scenes from antiquity, reflecting the classical inspiration of the decor. While it is not stunningly original, the overall effect is simple and coherent, soft and airy.

The bathrooms, in marble with modern tap fittings, are both beautiful and practical.

While the decoration is fairly similar throughout, each room has its own unique layout. Making a virtue of the constraints of these old buildings, they are generally very spacious: some have the benefit of a dressing room and most have a storage area for transcontinental travellers’ baggage. 

Types of room
The hotel offers four room types: single, double, junior suite and suite.

They are distinguished by their size, but the layout means that rooms in the same category can be quite different from each other. Junior suites and suites have a sitting area separate from the bedroom, with a sofa or a convertible armchair. Some of the suites may have the same floor area as junior suites, but they always have some extra benefit such as a very large terrace or balcony, or being on a higher floor.


Served as a hot and cold buffet in a room on the ground floor, breakfast offers a selection of traditional products, from pastries to cold meats, not forgetting cereals, dairy products and scrambled eggs. Hot drinks are served at your table.

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Room size 8 Rating : 8
Room amenities 7 Rating : 7
Breakfast 7 Rating : 7
Property amenities 8 Rating : 8
Global Rating 8 Global Rating : 8

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