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A Fair Balance

The Hotel de la Trémoille takes its name from Louis II de la Trémoille, a cavalier and loyal companion to Francois I. More than just his name, however, this illustrious soldier and political strategist also left two other inspirational marks on the establishment: his personality, his logo and a sense of history.

Inspired in particular by the latter of these elements, the hotel successfully creates a natural and vivid balance between its Hausmannian roots and an undeniably modern touch of class.

Owned by JJW, an independent and widely expanding Saudi group, the hotel opened in 2002 after 15 months of total refurbishment - thus offering a new beginning to an already glorious history. More recently, in May 2007, the bar and the restaurant were completely redecorated and the "Senso" gave way to the "Louis2", allowing more space for the lounges and the piano.

The bar and restaurant's designers succeeded in creating an atmosphere of subtle vitality: elegant, yet without being over sophisticated. Preserving the historic wooden paneling and moulding, they have given them a modern touch through the use of warm, rich materials. Here we find fine lines and contrasting styles - black lacquer and matt white, prune and beige - along with bright, orchid tones, that give way to those of a more musical variety in the evening when the piano comes into play.

The same feel can be found in the hotel's 93 bedrooms. Simple, sensual and each one unique, they offer a balance between tradition and modernity. The paneling and moulding meets with imposing furniture adorned with fine lines, extravagant headboards and a mix of fabric and patterns that gives each room its own unique identity. The décor is masculine, at times a touch eclectic, and the service is provided with both diligence and discretion, notably thanks to the door locks that each room is fitted with.

Offering a menu of both international and more traditional dishes, the Louis2 restaurant attracts a business clientele, while the new lounges will delight all those looking for a cozy safe haven.

Also offering a small relaxation centre, the Hotel de la Trémoille allows you to make the most of the Champs-Elysées. It provides an elegant and serene atmosphere and pleasant living spaces without being excessively showy, whilst always keeping pace with what's going on in the surrounding area.

Most of the hotel's staff has been working at the hotel for a number of years, giving the establishment an air of humble, modest self-confidence.


The clientele

Attracting a chic, international clientele, notably from America, that comes as much for pleasure as for business, the Hotel de la Trémoille is ideal for anyone looking for somewhere luxurious yet discreet. Although lively, it knows how to keep a sense of privacy - it is fashionable without giving in to modern day extravagancies.


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Hôtel de la Trémoille

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