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The most hip ice floe in the north of Paris

Exhilarated by the success of the ‘luxury hotel' the furthest East in Paris, the creators of Murano Urban Resort have acted again by creating the most Northern design hotel in Paris.

Because one must not lack audacity or experience to dare to create a luxury hotel at the heart of one of the poorest areas in Paris.

Discreetly nestled in a small alleyway between the metro stops Max Dormoy and la Chapelle, the Kube, through its style and its intention, is the opposite to the shops surrounding it, such as kebab sellers, Chinese grocers and centres for making long distance phone call echoing all the languages in the planet.

Having forgotten the bright colours, the smells of cooking and the chaos of an area in full regeneration to rejoin a mineral world where colour has disappeared in favour of simplicity.

It's rather surprising that one takes their first steps in the paved court of a U shaped building; elegant yet austere, one asks oneself where they are arriving as nothing indicates this is a hotel entrance.

However, in the middle of the court, a glass cage catches one's attention.

If during the daytime there is nobody in this glass cage, it doesn't matter, it's there, do not hesitate to enter, somebody will one crop up in the blink of an eye to look after you.

But what is important is elsewhere. The show stopper, that which brings in the trendy Parisians looking for fun in a an area where they undoubtedly never thought they would visit, is of course the famous Ice Bar: 20 tonnes of ice maintained at -5°C where they can enjoy vodka based cocktails.

Conceived in partnership with Grey Goose, the most chic French vodka in America (this world is full of surprises !), visitors can stay in the Ice Bar for twenty minutes, with the puffer jackets and hats lent to them. And since the partners have been well chosen, the music is signed by Radio FG, in order to warm up the atmosphere.

Under this mezzanine ice floe, the hotel lounge offers a striking contrast: with black walls, its sofas with synthetic fur backs warm up the little Eskimos coming obediently from the cold of the Ice Bar.

Concerning bedrooms, they are rather spacious, simple, with white walls and full of electrical equipment. It starts at the entrance, with the doors opening with digital imprints, followed by a computer allowing guests to manage all the bedroom's multimedia, and up to the luminous block placed under the bed.

Fairly functional but ingenious, the bathrooms are open, placed behind the bed head and separated by a translucent partition made with thick glass cubes.

The 41 bedrooms at the Kube Hotel are spread into several categories: single (6), double (18-representing 25m2 each), double kube (5-representing 30m2 each), junior suite (10-representing 40m2 each) and two suites, including the Nordic Room which is 45m2.

Not putting everything on the service, the Kube offers a style of welcoming like its design :simple and without excessive warmth.

So, now we ask the big question: should we stay there?

As always, the response depends on what you're looking for. If you want to let yourself be exhilarated by Paris' only Ice Bar: bingo, you are where you need to be! If you like this type of design and atmosphere but prefer service, you will prefer the Murano. Finally, if you like to stroll around the area surrounding your hotel to discover a million marvels, try another address! 


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Metro station : Max Dormoy - La Chapelle