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Having opened in 2007, the Lumen is one of the latest arrivals on the Parisian design-boutique-hotel scene.

The Lumen is a former bank transformed into a hotel by the architect Alain Daronian. Created by the interior designer Claudio Colucci, the decor of the Lumen appears to have been drawn to delight fashionistas from all over the world: sober and elegant, rather trendy, perfectly located, not particularly spacious but cosy.

Paris, city of lights, Paris, Latin city, with an ingenious mix makes the word Lumen, the word for light in Latin. More than a word play, light and lighting constituted one of the most important axes of work for the hotel's decorator who was usually habituated to concentrating on rounder forms, sketches and bright colours.

There are many communal areas (large lobby, lounge bar and design restaurant), 32 bedrooms and suites which are all fairly similar, there are surprising chandeliers, pearls in avalanches or wrapped in cones, and suspended glass balls spread a soft and indirect light over decor where sombre, matt and brilliant colours triumph.

Bringing a touch of baroque gaiety to the heart of this anthracite, blue and burgundy universe, both elegant and formal, amusing petals decorate the bed heads and sofas.

Although the previsions are rather luxurious and the corner bedrooms are the most charming, business travellers risk finding the management of space not particularly appropriate for working in. However, in the heart of Paris, one may find they have other priorities!

Situated behind the beautiful baroque Saint Roch church, at the heart of the Golden Triangle Opéra-Louvre-Palais Royal, the Lumen is a contemporary alternative to the luxury hotels or the wishy-washy hotels populating the quarter. Service is still under construction slightly.


The clientele

The Lumen is ideal for an independent and chic clientele, looking for a luxurious and cosy hotel that isn't extravagant: preferring an understated glamour and intelligence to the decor than to having lots of space.


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Hôtel Lumen

15, rue des Pyramides

Metro station : Pyramides