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The Suspended Garden

Known only to a handful of insiders, Micasaenlisboa, or MyhomeinLisbon in English, is much more than your average bed and breakfast.

First and foremost, without Maria none of this would exist.  Fortyish, beautiful and full of personality, Maria fell in love with Lisbon during a sabbatical, deciding to move into a friend's home to take advantage of the peace offered as well as the enchanting view of the gardens, city rooftops, and the wide and radiant Tagus River in the distance,.

That was in 2006.  Little by little, the idea of turning that small, partially unoccupied house into a bed and breakfast developed naturally.  With the impressive experience of developing one of Spain's most beautiful hotels, the Convento de la Parra, already under her belt, Maria used her own memory and druthers to give shape to a form of hospitality all her own:  simple, generous and deeply human.

Then, there is the garden.  Everywhere.  The entire house seems to be made of it, as if veered toward the light and the unruly verdure flooding the rolling cliffsides beneath the windows.  This large grassy area, which used to be convent gardens and is now owned by the army, has fortunately been left to continue its own calm, fertile life without anyone's interference.

Located on a hilltop, the three rooms offered by Maria are spread out over three narrow, adjoining houses, overlooking the verdure, with, as its only competition, the sky, rooftops and the Tagus.  Even the bathrooms enjoy beautiful natural light.  Of different sizes and layouts, the rooms are peaceful and white, giving off the air of simplicity, energy and light.  They were designed specifically for your comfort.

Finally, there is the wonderful stay itself which boasts a convivial atmosphere complete with Lola, the small abandoned dog that taken in by Maria who knows how to ingratiate himself with all; breakfast, which can be taken in the garden or in the rooms, made as requests come in and dependent on each one's taste and the shops open (because why should you buy croissants from a bad baker when the good one is closed?); the unmarked entrance; and one room which can only be entered by walking through Maria's sitting room, where you can meet up with the other guests in the evening for a drink or simply get to know one another at leisure, cradled by the last rays of sunshine slipping over the waves of the Tagus.


The clientele

With one very large room that counts an extra bed, Micasaenlisboa is open to entire families, lone travellers and couples.  Located in the neighbourhood of Graça, it will speak most to those curious enough to stop awhile and discover the soul of Lisbon, as well as to those who prefer open-minded encounters with new people to the sometimes formal service of hotel establishments.

Prices 2009 : starting at 85€ for single occupancy, 95€ for double occupancy.

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Calçada do Monte 50

Metro station : Martim Moniz