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The first thing that strikes you is that although the address of the hotel is given as Westbourne Grove, the entrance is actually on Hereford Road because the building occupies a corner position. After pressing the intercom, simply labelled Miller’s, you step into an entrance hall where branches of painted ivy adorn the royal blue walls between a plethora of paintings from different periods and where, under the stairs, candles shine before a peaceful Buddha. You are certainly in the right place but not quite in the hotel, yet.

Go up the rather steep stairs, where the walls are again covered with paintings, photographs and antiques, to arrive on the first floor. The reception desk is placed at the start of a corridor hung with crystal chandeliers and gilt frames that leads to the large Drawing Room.

This grand room is emblematic of Miller’s Residence and contains a dining area at one end and a seating area at the other. The dining end has a dresser and a large table where guests take breakfast. At the sitting room end are settees, armchairs and a fireplace. The walls are coloured wine but difficult to see given the extravagance of the paintings, plates and china that cover them.

The exterior to the fireplace is carved from wood depicting sea monsters and a hearth, which is filled with Chinese porcelain and stony corals that is typical of the fascinating mix of rustic simplicity and grand design that permeates the room. Around you, clambering for attention, are chandeliers, Greek and Chinese vases, a television housed in a sedan chair, old rugs, armchairs from different periods covered in satin and green velvet, a chair that looks like a medieval throne, lamps with different shades, indoor plants in pots, dressers, statues of Buddha, emperor’s busts, paintings of country scenes and boats, of Venice in the style of Canaletto; portraits, cartoons, advertising material for a brand of chocolate, ducks and assorted animals in different materials, family photographs, an enormous bookcase full of old books, other leather-bound, gold-embossed tomes and modern ones full of illustrations, and, as you draw your breath and look up above cupboards, atop pieces of furniture, more objects d’art jostle for space.  The smell is a subtle mix of polish and the slightly warm smell of old things, as well, of course, as the scent of fresh flowers arranged in all four corners of the room.

There are board games to play, a complimentary bar that will make you feel instantly at home and free internet access through an Ethernet connection.

Wishing to extend his convivial attitude even further, Martin Miller has also created a reading club housed nearby.

The rooms
Named after writers and poets, each room is different. Four-poster or a traditional bed with its walls painted a matching colour, which is either subdued or bolder. Each of the rooms is filled with antiques, paintings, mirrors in ornate frames, books, statuettes, cushions and rugs. Slightly less cluttered than the Drawing Room, each antique has been carefully chosen to match the room’s chosen colour and to reinforce its character.

Although the poem painted on the back of the door is slightly sentimental and the doors and cupboards are reproductions, the whole effect is still in keeping with the artfully contrived mix of styles. TV, DVD player and a small radio are provided as well as portable air conditioning for hot summer nights. Bathrooms are small but practical with carpets as in all of the rooms. More spacious than simple bedrooms, the suites have a sitting area.


With an embroidered tablecloth and beautiful place settings, a continental breakfast is provided self-service style from a sideboard and offers the guests cereals, dairy products, fruits, preserves and honey. All guests eat at the large table and can help themselves to hot drinks.

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Miller's Residence

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