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Miller's Residence is now closed for complete refurbishment



Find an antiques expert whose interests extend to the wider world of culture and wonderment, an expert who, for several years, launched and edited the Miller’s Antique Guide, a seminal reference book that still bears his name, and wait for him to open up his home as a superior B & B, then you shall have one of the most unexpected finds in London.

Slightly bohemian, slightly bizarre, but always extremely stimulating with its giddy abundance of things to look at, its surfaces piled high with artefacts, figurines, sculptures and paintings. It has, at times, a dizzying array of things that wash the senses back to another epoch in the past. All of this offers its residents with an opportunity for endless wonder as to the provenance of everything and the imagination of the person who placed it there.

The enduring charm of the hotel is built on a thousand stories, a thousand blemishes. In fact to call it a hotel is almost a misnomer even if hotel facilities are provided, for here guests are treated more like family friends than paying clients.

The clientele

Miller’s Residence attracts a wide variety of guests from the young to the not-so-young, the trendy to the traditional. Some come to the house for its contents and some for its charming quirkiness. But they all have one thing in common though: they like the freedom and homeliness not normally found in a traditional hotel. And for the genuinely curious as well as those to whom the owner, Martin Miller, and his team take a liking to, one can expect to see London in a completely different light.

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Miller's Residence

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