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Dreams of Grandeur

There is one thing that men are always happy to share: their dreams, especially those life-sized dreams that reward a lifetime of work.

Jose Luis Constantino, a small cocoa planter from Sao Tomé who became one of the most important figures in the Portuguese colonies and rose to the rank of Marquis of Valle Flor thanks to his successes and friendship with the king, accomplished a life's dream in building one of the most ostentatious and majestic palaces in Lisbon at the beginning of the 20th century.

On Belem road, a little ways away from the center of the city, atop a garden-covered hillock and the seat of a very beautiful view of the Tagus River and the bridge that straddles it, the Palace of the Marquis of Valle Flor, as often is the case of that period in history, is an exalted monument of all the best history has to offer.

With its Renaissance, Louis XV and Japanese Rooms, pieces of the Napoleonic Empire, fine gildings and stained-glass windows, impeccable marquetry parquet and ceilings painted by Carlos Reis, the list of masterpieces gathered here is infinite.

As such, when the palace was neglected, restoring it became a thorny issue that worsened with each passing year.

It was only in 1990 that Dr Dionisio Pestana, head of the leading Portuguese hotelier group, decided to bear the torch and bring the Marquis' astonishing abode back to life.

It took ten years, three of which were for renovation works, for the splendours of the past to be carefully and remarkably restored by the hands of artisans come from all over Europe.

Besides its historical aspect, the Pestana Palace is also a luxury hotel that counts 173 rooms with gardens, reception halls, indoor and outdoor pools, a wellness center, the "Allegro" piano bar and a sumptuous gourmet restaurant called the "Valle Flor".

Two wings were added behind the palace, framing the gardens and grouping together all the rooms, save four historical suites.  Traditionally luxurious with a modern twist on the finer aspects, the rooms are solidly comfortable, the upper ones even more appealing than the standard rooms because of their view of the gardens.

But more than just the decoration of a room, residing at the Pestana Palace is to let oneself be taken in by the dreams of grandeur that once passed through it, to lose oneself in the tropical-style gardens, to take advantage of the pool while the children are at the daycare center or to have a light lunch at the "Casa do Lago", an Japanese-style pavilion overlooking the pool.


The clientele

Friendly and hospitable, the Pestana Palace attracts an international clientele that is varied, rather chic and informal.  From models to young couples in love, from families to elderly American ladies curious about Europe, from businessmen to artists, all are curious to discover the splendors restored from a time full of extravagance and whimsy.


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