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Zen Gardens

If the meaning of Zen is "oblivious to the world's agitation", then it perfectly describes the Quartier Bercy Hotel.

And for good reason - strictly speaking, the hotel doesn't even have an entrance on the street. It is serenely withdrawn from the turmoil of Boulevard de Reuilly, its gardens and annexes inhabiting part of a residential building.

You could easily stroll absent-mindedly down the wide footpaths of the boulevard and -woops! - continue on your way without even detecting the Quartier Bercy.

Because, squeezed between a manicure institute and a local café, you are obliged to lift your gaze to notice its sign (before it is obscured by a balcony) and then at last discover a courtyard with a lovely garden - an Eden of flourishing leaves, with tiny hillocks and an air of tender green naiveté.

The hotel, up the garden path, welcomes its visitors heartily, like a 19th century manor with its solid appearance and its porch overlooking the wild undergrowth.

The building is history in a bottle, so to speak: once the residence of a bourgeois wine dealer, it was for a long time a small furnished hotel, hôtel en meublé in the vernacular of the time.

That is, until its revamping in October 2008.

But before this renovation, it took one year of planning and reconstruction to create a 57 room hotel, exactly as the same team behind the Général Hotel near République know how to do it.

And they achieved their goal, that is to say an uncomplicated, handsome, and comfortable dwelling with reasonable prices and a pleasant decor at once light-hearted and a shade glamorous, totally in tune with its time.

The interior designer Pascale Douillard has made use of a great deal intelligence to produce, right from the entranceway, an open and breathing space.

Indeed, as soon as you push the front door open, and are subject to a friendly welcome from the two cardboard cut-out Labradors which guard the entrance, you find yourself in a large salon-bar, enlivened by exotic wood flooring, bright wallpaper and Starck & Kartell seating, where you immediately feel content.

Reception is a counter placed discreetly to the right, and from the doorway you can see through to the rear of the building: a beautiful veranda, high and white, with a view over, surprise, surprise, a second garden-courtyard, enclosed by "the villa", that is to say the hotel's small annexe.

As has already been said, everything flows, everything breathes.

The bar is open until two in the morning. Breakfasts are taken facing the garden (a rarity in Paris!), under the veranda in an area perhaps a tad too white, but in any case very fresh.

And the rooms?

If they all possess the same furnishings, the size of the rooms varies according to their category: three-quarters of the rooms are "classic", and the rest "privilege". There is also one suite and three "cosy" rooms.

The "classic" rooms are quite compact, but are agreeably disposed and ultimately acceptable for short stays. In these rooms, the desk relinquishes its place to a small angled shelf and the bathrooms are equipped with a shower.

The "cosy" rooms are slightly larger. They offer their visitors a bathtub and are situated in the annexe.

The "privilege" rooms on the other hand are of a really good size for this level of accommodation. They have a little corner dedicated to relaxation with a table and two comfy chairs. Luminous thanks to their two windows, they too contain a bathroom tub.

The suite is also located in the annexe. Nicely proportioned, but a little lacking in light, it possesses a nice sized bedroom and a lovely living room with convertible sofa. If it is ideal for 3 people, it isn't a bad deal for 2 either!

On the design side of things, despite the ultra-clean lines and charming simplicity, the rooms have a pleasing allure not lacking in glamour. The carpet, with its red rose print, undoubtedly has something to do with this! Otherwise white is the dominant colour: the indented wallpaper, the imitation crocodile bed-heads, the bedside tables are all of candid snowiness, with the exception of one wall papered in greyish-green to give the room some depth.

The trappings are rather decent: a flat screen TV with a multitude of channels, the necessary coffee & tea, air conditioning, trunk and luggage holders. On the other hand, the absence of a mini-bar will allow you to fully take advantage of the hotel bar or room service.

And of course, it almost goes without saying, but due to the hotel's configuration away from the street, the rooms are very quiet!

Breakfast presents both hot and cold choices, with a fine selection of mini-pastries and fruit salads alongside the classic jams, yoghurt and fruit.

Last but not least, the service. The hotel personnel seem highly enthused by this new adventure and do everything possible to satisfy their clients.

A word of warning however - be careful not to rush out too fast onto the street on a Tuesday or Friday morning, lest you trip over an oyster bed: market days make no concession, and all the exuberance of the area is laid out right at the foot of the hotel (and thus creating an occasion that is not to be missed!).


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Le Quartier Hotel - Bercy Square

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