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The Grand Century

The turn of the nineteenth century was a blessed epoque in Paris! The Universal Exposition, the construction of the metro, the development of new quarters, the City of Lights had never carried its name so well: everything that was constructed then seems to have been destined to last forever.

When pushing the antique revolving door of the Hotel Régina, it is undoubtedly all the effervescence mastered in this period that will open your eyes and plunge you back into another time.

Opened by the visionary Léonard Tauber, to welcome travellers attracted by the Universal Exposition of 1900, the Hotel Régina was one of the first luxury hotels in Paris.

Its volume, its solid sculpted woodwork and its large chandeliers remind us of the momentum of the Belle Epoque, even if its stone walls and its severely elegant colours equally evoke the strict restraints of this same period.

Owned by the French Baverez family, who are equally at the head of the Hotel Raphaël, the establishment is managed with a great deal of care in order to find an equilibrium between conserving authentic historical charm and the modern constraints of comfort.

With their high ceilings, period furniture or details in decor, the 100 bedrooms, 8 junior suites and 12 Régina apartments exhale the scent of bygone days. The bedrooms which were most recently renovated have a sober elegance but are full of charm; certain others can seem quainter or ‘not tampered with', as with the establishments large corridors, covered with magnificent green earthenware, classed as a historical monument.

With an excellent location, certain junior suites offer an incomparable view onto the Tuileries Gardens and the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to the double glazing, the bedrooms which look onto the rue de Rivoli are fairly well protected from noise, but for something quieter, ask for a bedroom looking onto the patio.

Open daily and offering meals throughout the day, the Bar Anglais is covered in wood panelling and has a warm and intimate atmosphere.


The clientele

The Régina will delight anybody who loves the authentic charm of things made to last. It will equally please those who, at night time, would like to relive the luxury of bygone days, both old fashioned yet so endearing! With one of the best locations in Paris and personnel happy to be able to welcome travellers to such an institution, at heart, the Régina has become, with time, a peaceful rest stop in a modernity which is undoubtedly more perfect, but with a lot less style.

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Hôtel Régina

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