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An imposing facade set among imposing facades, the Regina Hotel Baglioni’s pink and white entrance stands out thanks to its wide canopy that opens out like a corolla of petals in glass and iron, where the Via Veneto starts to curve as it goes down towards the Piazza Barberini.

As you move forward into the hotel lobby you feel both a sense of balance and a tingling of pleasure. A huge space welcomes the visitor. Opposite, there is a staircase leading to the upper floors, guarded by an impressive statue of a gladiator – “Those who are about to die salute you” says the fighting man as he salutes the emperor – while to the right, the long reception counter stretches as far as the grand lounge at the rear of the building.

The prestige of earlier times is still visible everywhere, in the chequerboard floor of black and yellow marble, the immense Murano chandelier in a beautiful milky colour, the numerous candles, an old clock and the perfectly polished mahogany counter. Without being pompous, it has a charm that is half splendid, half severe.

The colours are almost sepia, and the slightly sombre air of a large portrait of the artist Michele Gordigiani recalls the serious side of an era that was devoted to progress. The armchairs in the lobby, the antique console tables, the piano and a few green plants give the entrance the charm of a home rather than a grand hotel. Children understand this instinctively, and don’t hesitate to run across the hall without fear of being told off.

Lounge & Restaurant
Secluded behind some very theatrical velvet curtains, the large lounge has a surprise in store. A sumptuous, high-ceilinged room that opens out in a semicircle, with a coffered ceiling decorated with ornate plasterwork, it was reworked in 2006, uniting the splendour of a bygone era with all the elegance and glamour of today.

The whole structure of the room has been retained – volume, plasterwork, black and yellow marble on the floor, an immense crystal chandelier with its myriad reflections, paintings of rural scenes, gilded frames, mirrors and fireplace. What has transformed it is the colour scheme. With an audacious choice of colour for the walls – somewhere between aubergine, violet and lilac – the decorator has given the room a totally sensual feel.

By filling the room with low chairs in deep-buttoned velvet, playing off matt against gloss effects, patterns with large spots against stripes and simple plains, experimenting with lighting effects including countless candles in the evening, and bringing in a touch of modern luxury with a wealth of gilded highlights, Gilles Fernandez has transformed tradition, bringing it to life and right up to date.

The widely-spaced tables and benches and the warm, subdued lighting give this magical space an atmosphere of confidentiality. You can also dine here.

The final and most impressive room in the series is the Brunello restaurant, opened at the beginning of 2007, and one of the most original places in Rome. Its style brings the Italian capital closer to London or Paris.

The ambiance is dreamlike and eye-catching, a mixture of dark colours and golden highlights that creates a mysterious glamour, with hints of the orient in the perforated globe lights, Moroccan-style lighting glinting on the trimmings, shades of brown, low velvet chairs and dark parquet. The cuisine suits the decor, and shunning extremes it offers a middle way between traditionalism and innovation. The restaurant has its own well-stocked wine cellar. The service is welcoming and attentive.

The bedrooms
The hotel offers two main decorative styles: traditional or Art Deco.

The traditional rooms, with their carpets, wood panelling and fabric wall coverings, have a very warm feel. The deep colours of the fabrics on the walls and the curtains are set off by lighter bedspreads and bedheads, both in the same fabric that combines elegant patterns with a soft sheen. In the more recently redecorated rooms, this decoration has been lightened by limiting the wall fabric to the main panels of the room and painting the rest in white.

The Art Deco rooms, of which there are fewer, are fresh and elegant. With floors inlaid with marble, fabric wall panels in empire green, very beautiful wood-panelled furniture with Art Deco lines, substantial ceiling lights from the same era and lamps that look like a spray of flowers, the care that has been taken to get all the details absolutely right makes stepping into these rooms an incredible voyage into the charm of an era of restrained opulence.

The luxuriously decorated bathrooms are in marble, with retro-style tap fittings.

Every evening, there is a full turn-down service to prepare the bedroom and clean the bathroom if necessary. Wifi and broadband are available throughout the hotel.

Types of room
The hotel offers five room types: Singles, Classics, Deluxe rooms, Junior Suites, and Suites.

Although the layout varies, most of the rooms have a dressing corner. Classic rooms have a little table with a chair but not a desk. The Deluxe rooms are more spacious and have both a desk, and a table and chairs. The Junior Suites have a sitting room communicating with the bedroom, and the Suites, which are more spacious still, have a large separate sitting room, with its own toilets, which is ideal for a family or for receiving guests.

Then there is the Panoramic Suite on the top floor, in pure 1920s style, with a floor area of 80 square metres and a further 80 square metres of terrace, a private outdoor Jacuzzi and a fabulous view across Rome.

The rooms overlook the Via Veneto, a road at right-angles to it, or the hotel courtyard. All are double glazed, but naturally the rooms facing the courtyard are quieter.


Served as a hot and cold buffet in a room next to the grand salon, breakfast offers a wide choice: cereals and dairy products, fresh fruit from the basket or already sliced, cold meats and Italian cheeses (ricotta and mini mozzarella), not to mention mini Italian pastries, some of which have delicious hazelnut or cream fillings. Hot drinks are served at your table.

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