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The Cappuccino Effect

Among one of the newest luxury hotels in Rome, the St. George is the wonderful little brother of the Grand Minerva Hotel. Inspired by the same philosophy as the former, its business clients may enjoy a low key and efficient luxury establishment, located in the heart of Rome's old city.

In distinction with other establishments which may offer more of a social scene in popular neighborhoods, the St. George plays the discreet luxury card by choosing the historic area of the Via Giulia, which is where the well-known Antan families and their luxurious residences can be found.

Located in an imposing building with numerous terraces and a peaceful little garden, a large bar under an elegant stained glass roof, a restaurant and a Carita spa, this hotel offers a range of amenities.

The white, beige and brown tones compliment the entire hotel. From the common area to the rooms, these colors provide the residence with contemporary elegance, while maintaining its classical elements, such as an antique stone and brick ark here and there.

With 64 light colored rooms, ceruse floors, molding, paneling, and sleek furniture, the environment at this hotel is calm and relaxing. Its staff, who are all dressed in black, are efficient and pleasant.


The clientele

Given its look and location, the St George will appeal to a chic clientele that are looking for a luxury, but not too snobby, atmosphere that is in discreet, low key ambiance, but not far from the heart of the city.


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Room size 8 Rating : 8
Room amenities 9 Rating : 9
Breakfast 8 Rating : 8
Property amenities 10 Rating : 10
Global Rating 9 Global Rating : 9

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St. George - Roma

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