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It took four years for restaurateurs Michael Benyan and Mark Sainsbury to turn a former warehouse in London’s vibrant Clerkenwell district into the hotel of their dreams, The Zetter, which opened in 2004.

Behind an impressive brick façade sporting decorative white windows, space and light play a primordial role in this convivial space. A series of passageways, light shafts and huge windows combine to give a sense of flow whilst the décor marries 1970s excess with more realistic 21st century design.

The result is a comfortable, practical hotel which is both wonderfully relaxed and tremendously classy.  Z is for Zetter, orange is for décor, and young and dynamic describes the service.


The clientele

Although in an area which attracts business travellers, mainly French, during the week, it will certainly appeal to trendies and foodies who are looking for a high-tech hotel, both comfortable and a little offbeat, as a base for seeking out the new places opening in the South and East of London.

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Comfort Rating
Room size 7 Rating : 7
Room amenities 8 Rating : 8
Breakfast 8 Rating : 8
Property amenities 7 Rating : 7
Global Rating 7.5 Global Rating : 7.5

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The Zetter

86-88 Clerkenwell Road

Metro station : Farringdon