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Hidden in the Heart of the City

Paying tribute to the favourite mistress of King Henry IV, the Villa d'Estrées is a charming boutique hotel hidden down a narrow street in the old town area of Paris.

Designed by Jacques Garcia, it is adorned with colours and themes that successfully link the rigor of the empire, and thus the world of its creator, to the glamour of our own era.

Created in 2006 by the family who own the Café Latin, a café on the corner of the street that has been there for many years, the Villa d'Estrées is, in a way, as a symbol of the Parisian dream.

A stones throw away from the hustle and bustle of Saint Michel, the establishment is situated away from the main streets, in a small street that is typical of those found by the banks of the Seine. The front of the building is sheltered by a beautiful, black lacquered façade - a wonderful recreation of those more widely found at the turn of the last century.

Upon entering, you will find yourself in a room that is a blend of both bistro and tea room, with its tiled floors and its rugs, its velvet sofas and luminous lampshades and its ornaments and paintings. In one corner there is a small desk, and at the back of the room are the lifts. The communal areas of both this hotel and its twin, the Résidence des Arts, are found here in this space.

One can really feel at home here, dropped into an atmosphere that is both unique and completely detached from the pace of the city.

Upstairs, the hotel's ten rooms are all very different, even though they all subtly share a similar style. Relatively spacious for the heart of Paris, a luxurious sense of tranquillity is achieved in these rooms through an alignment of striped and patterned wallpaper, period furniture and intense colours. The bathrooms hold a particular attraction, thanks to the Moroccan zellig mosaics that seem to almost invite you inside for a visit.

With its discretion and its simple yet attentive service, the Villa d'Estrées allows you to dive, in a state of complete tranquillity, into a perfectly Parisian romantic dream.

NB: Please note that the hotel only has ten rooms; therefore it is preferable to reserve well in advance.


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Villa d'Estrées

17, rue Gît le Coeur

Metro station : Saint Michel