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Convent in Bloom

When you come to the busy Rua das Janelas Verdes, the only thing to be seen is a wire mesh door with an intercom.

But once you climb up the stone staircase and enter the inner courtyard of this former convent, you'll find a calm and verdant surprise.

An old palm tree with a sturdy trunk, plants everywhere, little wooden tables, a restaurant overlooking the courtyard and the high, ivy-covered walls help to create a world apart, as if cut off from the rest of Lisbon.  And that's only the beginning!

Formerly a convent dating from the middle of the XVIIIth century, the establishment was partly transformed into a boarding house in 1880 by two English ladies that gave it the name of York House.  Improving little by little with each new owner, the boarding house saw real development in the 1940s - that was when each room acquired heat and running water!

Depending on the opportunities and the lodgings left vacant, York House began to extend to the entire convent and beyond, and was modernized to become the establishment it is now:  a charming hotel, simple and well-made, completely renovated in 2004, with 32 completely different rooms, 24 of which are of contemporary design, while the other 8 are examples of rustic classicism.

The history is palpable at every instant.  There are long vaulted corridors with square floor-tiles discoloured by time in place, antiques here and there, always with an almost austere kind of nakedness that is the source of an incredible personality.

Added to the restaurant laid out beneath the historic archways and extending out onto the patio is a bar with heavy wooden panels and a reading room with impeccable varnished parquet flooring.

Located between the heart of the city and historic and touristy Belem district, York House has an advantageous neighbor in the National Museum of Art, the French Embassy and a peaceful, diverse neighborhood during the day that pulses with the rhythm of its nightclubs at nightfall. 


The clientele

Having once welcomed a number of artistic personalities, York House attracts a clientele in search of a different atmosphere, for whom luxury is, above all, synonymous with personality and authenticity rather than with rich effects and overly formal service.


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