Charming hotels in Paris

How to find the best charming hotel in Paris ?

Urban Partner - a guide to charming hotels in Paris, London, Rome - is aimed at the independent traveller who prefers to organise its trips, weekend breaks and holidays himself. 

Find a charming hotel that fits with your requirements

Our detailled reviews and ratings will be there to give you a precise avant-goût about the kind of emotions you will experience in staying within those charming hotels and our search tools will help you find the hotel that is right for you.

The texts have been written following a visit to, or a stay at, the hotel. They describe the experience you can expect once you push open the doors of a hotel and in the rooms: detailed description is given, from arrival at the hotel to a description of the rooms, to give you a better insight into the services you can expect.

Charming hotels in Paris, London, Rome

Design glamour: charming décor, an original combination of patterns in different styles and from different periods.

Countryside style: reproduces the cosy feel of a country house with the use of floral motifs or furnishings in a rustic or French country style.

Classical, modern or design... Among the 70 charming hotels we have selected in London, Paris and Rome, 18 of them have raised our attention: by the quality of their service, the range of their amenities, the quirkiness of their design or the athmosphere they exude, these establishments offer a unique experience we wanted to share with you in gathering them within our Private Collection.


Charming hotel in Paris

Paris for lovers: escaping to the citie to focus on the essential, le Sezz or le Banville


Charming hotel in London

London for lovers: San Domenico House, the love rooms of myhotel Chelsea, or The Threadneedles, a weekend in the city in complete discretion


Charming hotel in Rome

Rome for peace: the hotels of the Aventino hill and the Lord Byron